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I hate tumblr

I got tumblr 2 years ago cos my girlfriend had one, wanted to see what it was all about, and have since decided I hate the whole thing.
Here is why:

Where to start…

It glorifies EVERYTHING, and usually everything it shouldn’t. Taking a HD high res image of anything, putting some nice filters on it and taking it out of context, can make literally anything appear aspirational and pleasing and brilliant, but when those things are drugs, cut wrists, nooses, trainers, anorexic women and so on, you create mindlessly pleasing imagery and the content is warped. The lay out and nature of the site (endless scrolling and scrolling of images) promotes a brainless approach to it, you can turn off and scroll and scroll til something catches your eye for maybe more than 2 seconds until you continue to scroll. Now I’m going to mention the fact that if visual advertisements, such as on tv or on posters or billboards, didn’t work then companies would not pay the millions that they do for them. My point is, everything you scroll past, you will absorb to some extent, and if you slapped a brand name over 90% of the stuff I see on tumblr it wouldnt look out of place as a glossy poster for said brands. So yeah its like cumulatively tumblr is selling this horrible ideal without even realising it- glorifying drugs, glorifying depression and anxiety as fashionable, and promoting vacuous superficial celebrity culture. 
Again the very nature of the site, image after image, creates a superficial mind. You’re given information in a purely visual way with no context. In media, including social media, it all has a voice and a place (drugs are bad, celebs are dumb, depression is an illness) not that these places are always correct. But tumblr makes you judge everything coming your way on the way it looks before anything else. This can be extended to facebook- it is the most unhealthy way to socialise because you can tailor an artificial self-image that will be your first impression to everyone passing through. Tumblr gives another platform to indulge in vanity. It extends the unrealistic standards of both women and men and creates glossy ideals that are just unhealthy, not just in the stereotypical way. I’m not saying tumblr is the only culprit, but it seems very concentrated, combined with being unmonitored.  

When I say ‘tumblr’ I refer to the mass traffic I have witnessed, and I know there are a lot of blogs quite openly defiant of what Ive mentioned, but their existence in a platform like tumblr seems counterproductive.